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Quit smoking

Wise use of medicines (39.98 KB)

Indigestion and heartburn (306.56 KB)


Links to health websites

Asthma – New Zealand’s authority on asthma and other respiratory conditions – Ministry of Health’s resources about asthma

Cholesterol – NZ Heart Foundation’s facts about cholesterol – Lipitor’s website on managing your cholesterol – NZ Nurtition Foundation’s facts about cholesterol

Depression – Hear how John Kirwin and others have got through depression – Helping youth with depression – Mental Health Foundation – getting help for depression – Ministry of Health’s depression resource –  Community support for people whose lives are affected by depression

Diabetes – Ministry of Health;s resources abiout diabetes Supporting children with diabetes and their families

High blood pressure – NZ Heart Foundation’s advice about managing blood pressure – Healthy eating tips to help reduce high blood pressure

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